Our focus is on providing education settings, from nurseries to universities, with quality back-office services. We offer bespoke packages to fit both budget and need. By incorporating all the services into one package, we help education settings run like clockwork.

Everything you need under one roof

Our back-office services allow you and your staff to focus on educating your students and providing them with a fantastic learning experience. By minimizing the time spent on managing your setting’s infrastructure – such as GDPR and governance – your support staff can instead help with curriculum delivery.

We can provide all levels of professional support to your educational establishment.

By incorporating all your service requirements into one package, we can ensure that your education establishment will run like clockwork.

Finding the perfect solution

Our professional services team thrives on creating dynamic and intelligent solutions for each educational setting they work with. In the same way that you differentiate your education delivery to meet your students’ needs, we focus on ensuring that our services are the perfect fit for you.

Learn more

If you’re a school, college, academy or university in search of a tailored solution, please call one of our consultants on 01634 560800 or email us at enquiries@mcgeducation.co.uk