Reliable and intelligent ‘one-stop’ solutions

MCG Education has extensive experience in developing tender solutions for education providers of all sizes. Our history of working with local authorities means we can manage the perfect contract to fit in with your needs.

Running like clockwork

Our reliable and intelligent ‘one-stop’ solutions provide the logistics you need to ensure your setting runs like clockwork. By listening to our clients and assessing individual needs, MCG Education ensures that we always supply a dynamic solution, which caters to all requirements. It makes sense to incorporate catering, cleaning and waste tenders in one package – and gives you peace of mind.

Additionally, by incorporating these tenders into pre-existing contracts with us, you can further reduce your administration time and costs.

If you’re a school, college, academy or university in search of a tailored solution, please call one of our consultants on 01634 560800 or email us at