Medway Commercial Group (MCG) Limited has been operating since April 2016. The services were transferred from Medway Council, known as Medway Control Centre (MCC) and had been operating since 1999. In our early days we monitored the CCTV for the City of Rochester Council with approximately 20 cameras. Now we monitor over 450 cameras across multiple authorities.

ANPR Technology

We specialise in utilising the latest technology to create bespoke solutions for our clients’ needs. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is the latest innovation to enable ‘Smart Parking’. By accurately capturing licence plate details, our systems reduce waiting times and provide a smoother experience for users.

ANPR also allows our clients to collect parking fees at the point of exit, significantly reducing the likelihood of non-payment and limiting administration costs.

CCTV Monitoring 24/7 – 365 

MCG Security provide outstanding round the clock surveillance coverage. Working in partnership with the Emergency Services, our skilled operators have the ability to pass on information to the relevant service. In the event of a crime or accident, this facility saves time and stress for our clients.

Bespoke CCTV installation

MCG Security has over 20 years’ worth of knowledge and experience of CCTV in the Public and Private sector, creating unique surveillance systems that can cater to any client’s needs.

Alarm monitoring 

MCG Security can offer your premises a level of protection whereby should an intrusion occur, an alarm will be sent to our Monitoring Centre resulting in our Operators contacting key holders and the Police immediately.

Connections to the Emergency Services

Whilst we believe that surveillance is a great prevention to crime, when things do happen you want to feel assured that relevant footage and information is passed to the Police quickly and expediently.

MCG Security work in partnership with local Police Authorities, ensuring that the avenues of communication are opened as quickly as possible.

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